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Clayton County Public Schools is a publicly funded educational agency

Enrollment: 50555
No. of Schools: 59

       Clayton County Public Schools
About Us

The mission of the Clayton County Public Schools is to provide relevant, quality educational opportunities for all students to develop the skills necessary to reach their maximum potential as responsible productive citizens and life-long learners.

We believe that...

Everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society.

A diverse population is an asset to the community.

Society values learning, children, and the family unit.

Children are our most valuable resource.

Each individual is responsible for his/her actions.

Different views provide a balance to public education.

All children must be provided the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Education offers the opportunity for a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Education is the shared responsibility of the school, home, and community.

Fostering a love for learning is an important component of education.

Education is a key component to coping with change while maintaining fundamental beliefs.

All children can learn in different ways and at different rates.

All learning is a basis for communication.

Schools must provide a safe environment for learning.

The instructional program at each level should address specific needs of each student.

All children deserve caring and effective teachers as well as resources which facilitate learning.

Learning occurs best when everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Learning is a life-long process.

Learning is most productive when the learner is actively engaged.

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